Get Started

After installation complete, you can log in into Zal Ultra by browsing Your-Server-IP. Default login info is given below.

# Role Email Password Link
1 Super Admin [email protected] 12345678
2 Admin [email protected] 12345678
3 Reseller your email your password
4 Subreseller your email your password
5 Retailer your email your password
6 Subscriber your email your password

First Complete Five Easy Steps.

  • Fill Data in Settings

    Fill all the fields of setting page with proper data/info. Check field list description below.

  • Add Your NAS/Router

    Add your NAS/Routers properly. Adding NAS/Routers is very important and it will be required/used all over the system. Live graph, user disconnect, etc many things depend on NAS API. At this moment only Mikrotik API supported.

    1. Make sure your NAS/Router credentials are correct
    2. Make sure NAS/Router API is enabled in (Zal & Mikrotik)
    3. Make sure API Port is 8728/8729
    4. Make sure the user group has API permission in Mikrotik
    5. Click on the instant check button to check NAS status

  • Add Bandwidth Policy

    Bandwidth policy is the upload/download limit for the users, for example, 2M upload/5M download (2M/5M). Not only bandwidth speed limit but you can also add many other important radius attributes in the bandwidth policy module. Check below the bandwidth policy module's documentation for details.

  • Add New Pacakges

    Create new packages by bandwidth policies and define the package's base price, admin profit, expiration duration, IP pool name, expired IP pool name, data quota, fup quota, session time, bandwidth allocation time, and much more.

  • Add New Area

    Add your business areas to the system. The area is required for adding new admin/staff/reseller/user, various graphs and user location map, etc.