This section is dedicated to ISP functionality and can only be accessed by the super admin.


Show the all ISP in the table. You can edit it easily using the action button. Also, feel free to download and print this table in any format.


If you want to add an ISP, log in as the superadmin, click on the ISP menu to view all ISPs. Then, click the actions button and select 'Add ISP' to open a modal. Fill out the form, submit it, and your ISP will be set and ready.

Number Attribute Description
1 Company Name Enter the name of the company associated with this ISP.
2 Owner Name Provide the name of the owner or primary contact for the ISP.
3 Phone Input the contact phone number for the ISP.
4 Email Enter the email address associated with the ISP.
5 Registation Number Input the official registration number associated with the ISP.
6 Website URL Provide the website address of the ISP.
7 Facebook URL Share the ISP's Facebook page or profile link.
8 Instagram URL Share the ISP's Instagram profile link.
9 YouTube URL Include the ISP's YouTube channel link.