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Add Ticket

To add a ticket, click on "Add New Ticket" from the action dropdown menu. Provide the title, select the subscriber, category, priority, and assignee. Description must be provided, then submit. The ticket will be successfully added.

Number Attribute Description
1 Title Enter a concise and descriptive title for the ticket, summarizing the issue or request.
2 Subscribers Specify the subscribers or accounts associated with the ticket for targeted assistance.
3 Category Choose the appropriate category to classify the nature of the ticket (e.g., Technical Issue, Billing).
4 Priority Assign a priority level to indicate the urgency of the ticket (e.g., High, Medium, Low).
5 Assign To Select the team member or department responsible for addressing the ticket.
6 Description Provide detailed information about the issue or request, including any relevant context or steps taken.

View Ticket

To view a ticket, click on the three dots below the actions, then select "View". The ticket will then be displayed for viewing.