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To add a Bhucher Card, click on the "Add Bhucher Card" button, then enable the status and select the Card Name, Sales Person, Package before submitting.

As an example, you can see all the voucher cards above.

Number Attribute Description
1 Status Set the status of the voucher card (e.g., Active, Inactive).
2 Card Name Provide a distinctive name for the voucher card for easy identification.
3 Character Limit Define the maximum number of characters allowed for voucher codes.
4 Voucher Combination Specify the combination pattern for generating voucher codes.
5 Voucher Prefix Set a prefix for voucher codes, aiding in categorization or branding.
6 Reseller Assign a reseller to the voucher card for tracking and management.
7 Package Associate a service package with the voucher card.
8 NAS Link the voucher card to a specific NAS for network access.
9 Department Assign a department or category to the voucher card.
10 Note Add any additional notes or comments related to the voucher card.