Staff Profile

Add Staff

To add a staff, simply click on the Actions dropdown and select "Add User" from the user page. When adding a user, enable the profile type, such as staff, Resellers, or sub-reseller, by enable the status. Then, specify the roles and permissions as needed. After filling in all the details, submit the form to add the staff.

Number Attribute Description
1 Status Activate or deactivate the user profile for current accessibility.
2 SMS Status SMS notifications on or off for the user.
3 Email Status Enable or disable email notifications for the user.
4 Profile Type Choose the user's profile type for categorization.
5 Role & Permission Assign the user's role and permission level for specific access.
6 Full Name Input the user's complete name for identification.
7 User Name Set a unique username for personalized access.
8 Password Create a secure password following the specified criteria.
9 Identity Provide identity details for comprehensive user information.
10 Phone Enter the user's contact number for communication.
11 Email Input the user's email address for correspondence.
12 Country Select the user's country from the provided options for accurate regional identification.
13 Province Choose the user's province or state from the list for precise location information.
14 City Specify the user's city for further regional identification. These details enhance accurate geographical representation in the user profile.
15 Address Input the user's current residential address.