Captive Portal Settings

Number Attribute Description
1 Banner Personalize your portal! Upload a banner to make it uniquely yours and welcoming.
2 Print QR Code Easily generate a printable QR code by clicking this button. Perfect for sharing information or enabling quick access. Simply click, print, and share effortlessly!
3 Status Enable or disable the Captive Portal to control user access and registration.
4 Name Assign a distinctive name to the Captive Portal for easy identification and management.
5 Username Decide whether to include a username field during user registration on the Captive Portal.
6 Phone Determine if users should provide their phone numbers as part of the Captive Portal registration.
7 Email Specify whether the Captive Portal registration process should collect user email addresses.
8 Password Configure the password-related settings, including complexity requirements or optional usage.
9 Identity Define whether user identity information should be collected during Captive Portal registration.
10 Address Decide if users should provide their addresses during registration on the Captive Portal.
11 Country Specify whether users should indicate their country during Captive Portal registration.
12 Social Login Enable or disable social login options for user convenience on the Captive Portal.
13 OTP Verification Choose whether to implement One-Time Password (OTP) verification for enhanced security.
14 Salespersons Choose the salespersons responsible for managing the Captive Portal.
15 Packages Select the service packages available for users during Captive Portal registration.
16 Title Enter a title for the Captive Portal page, providing a clear heading for users.
17 Subtitle Input a subtitle to complement the title and convey additional information.
18 Description Provide a detailed description to guide users and communicate essential information.
19 Footer Note Enter a footer note to include additional information or disclaimers at the bottom of the Captive Portal.
20 Captive Portal Link Specify the link associated with the Captive Portal for user access.
21 Sign Up Description Input a description to guide users through the sign-up process and set expectations.