Simplify SMS management. Toggle real-time updates, select the right gateway, and integrate smoothly with local messaging. Efficient communication, hassle-free setup.


SMS Settings

Number Attribute Description
1 Gateway Type Select your sms gateway from gateway list. If you do not found any sms gateway which is fit for you in the list then select "Any SMS API" from list. "Any SMS API" will work with any sms gateway if your sms gateway accept HTTP request. Zal Ultra will send sms request over HTTP request, talk to your sms gateway provider for more info.
2 SMS Status Set sms status to on/off.
3 Local SMS URL First, you need to get your sms gateway HTTP URL from your sms gateway provider. Ask your sms gateway provider for HTTP GET request URL. Example :{phone}&from=your-company&message={message}. You need to insert your sms url here.