Subscriber Settings

Manage subscribers effortlessly. Verify identities, secure phone details, and confirm emails for accuracy. Enable self-registration for easy onboarding. Simplify subscriber management for smooth operations.

Number Attribute Description
1 Identity File Verification Verify your identity by submitting a file. Turn this on if we need extra proof it's really you.
2 Phone Verification (OTP) Get a one-time code sent to your phone for an extra layer of security. Turn this on for added protection.
3 Email Verification Confirm your identity through your email. Switch this on to make sure it's really you logging in.
4 Self Registation Simplify onboarding - let subscribers register themselves hassle-free.
5 See Volume Info Check out how much you've used. Flip this switch to see your data or volume information.
6 Allow To Update Data Keep your info up-to-date. Turn this on to edit and update your account details.
7 Reset Password Forgot your password? Switch this on to reset it easily.
8 Login Log Keep tabs on your logins. Turn this on if you want to see a record of when you've logged in.
9 Session Log Know your session details. Flip this switch to see how you've been using our services.
10 Self Activation Take control of your account. Turn this on if you want to activate your account without waiting for us.
11 Allow All Packages Access everything we offer. Turn this on to explore and enjoy all available service packages.