Add Mac Address

Number Attribute Description
1 MAC Address Enter the MAC (Media Access Control) address of the device to add it to the network.

Add Document

Number Attribute Description
1 File Name Enter a name for the document to identify it easily.
2 Document Type Choose the type of document from the available options (e.g., passport, driver's license).
3 File Click to select the file from your device to upload.
4 Note Optionally, provide any additional notes or comments related to the document.

Add Attribute

Number Attribute Description
1 Attribute Name Enter the name of the custom attribute for identification.
2 Attribute OP Specify the operation related to the attribute (e.g., equal to, greater than, less than).
3 Attribute Value Enter the value associated with the custom attribute.
4 Attribute Type Choose the type of attribute from the available options (e.g., text, number, date).

Add Note

Number Attribute Description
1 Global Note Add a note visible to all users with access to the profile or system.
2 Private Note Add a note visible only to specific users or administrators with restricted access.