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Add Subscriber

If you want to add a subscriber then click on Add Subscriber, then fill the modal that will appear then the subscriber will be added

Number Attribute Description
1 Name Enter the full name of the subscriber for identification.
2 Username Set a unique username for the subscriber's account access.
3 Password Create a secure password following the specified criteria.
4 Identity Provide identity details for comprehensive subscriber information.
5 Phone Enter the subscriber's contact number for communication.
6 Email Input the subscriber's email address for correspondence.
7 Connection Type Specify the type of connection used by the subscriber (e.g., broadband, DSL).
8 Salesperson Assign a salesperson responsible for the subscriber's account.
9 Packages Select the internet package subscribed to by the subscriber.
10 NAS Choose the NAS associated with the subscriber for network access.
11 Document Type Specify the type of document used for identity verification (e.g., passport, driver's license).
12 Identity File Upload the document file for identity verification.